Driver likely to be charged in fatal Georgia crash

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A Cherokee County car accident that killed one person injured two others on Nov. 27 will likely lead to charges against the teen driver who allegedly caused the collision. While investigators have not yet decided what exactly caused the crash, officials believe speed was a factor.

One of the car’s 17-year-old passengers died at the scene of the accident when the car, driven by another 17-year-old, went off the road while taking a curve. Three of the deceased’s classmates were also injured in the vehicle, and two sustained serious injuries. The vehicle was less than a mile from Creekview High School, which is where the deceased went to school, when it went off the road. A Cherokee County sheriff’s official explained that there was a large embankment with trees along the side of the road, and the vehicle struck a tree when the driver lost control of it.

The driver was not critically injured. He was treated and subsequently released from Wellstar Kennestone Hospital. A 15-year-old back-seat passenger was also released after receiving treatment. However, another 17-year-old passenger was still being treated at the hospital when the others were sent home.

Creekview High School organized for grief counselors to meet with the distressed students, many of whom said the deceased student had a kind heart and big dreams. Friends of the teen claimed he dreamed of going into engineering.

People who have been injured as a result of a driver’s careless behavior should be aware that they may be entitled to compensation that covers lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages. An attorney with experience in motor vehicle accidents may be able to help a victim prove that negligence was a factor in their injury.


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