Avoiding escalator accidents

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The National Elevator Industry, Inc., offers several safety tips that Georgia residents may want to take into account. Elevators are among the safest forms of transportation, but accidents are not unknown. First, passengers should watch the direction that the escalator is going and step carefully, grasping the handrail with one free hand. They should have an arm around their young children or take the child’s free hand.

The following should never be taken on an escalator: wheelchairs, electric scooters, strollers, hand carts and luggage carts. Passengers should be careful about loose clothing getting caught in the steps and sides. Children should not get too close to the sides, sit on the steps or climb onto the handrails. Everyone should stay facing front. Those who are wearing footwear made of soft resin or other rubbery materials should avoid escalators.

When exiting the escalator, passengers should not hesitate to step clear over the comb fingers. They should not let their feet slide off the end of the escalator. It is also best to move away from the exit area since other passengers will be behind them. The NEII advises those with bifocals and other eyewear to take extra care.

Those who are injured on an escalator may wonder if the property owner did all that was reasonably possible to maintain a safe property. If there is any evidence of negligence on the owner’s part, victims could file a claim under premises liability law, but they might want an attorney to assist with every step.

The attorney may be able to hire investigators to gather proof like the incident report and any surveillance camera footage. Medical experts might show that all the reported injuries stem from the accident. The property owner will likely have representation as well, but the victim’s attorney may handle all negotiations.


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