Holiday driving tips for staying safe on I-75

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If you plan on traveling by car this holiday season on I-75 within the state of Georgia or beyond, it can be helpful to know some tips that can keep you safe on the road. Driving safety is especially important for those who have been driving for many years because experienced drivers may neglect basic safety precautions due to their familiarity behind the wheel.

Even if you think you have got everything covered, have a quick look at these tips to ensure you have not forgotten anything. The last thing you want to have happen is a ruined holiday due to a car crash, or even worse, a crash that leads to serious injuries.

Basic maintenance and weather prep

One mistake a lot of drivers make is not taking care of basic maintenance, which leads them to getting stuck with car trouble during their travel. If you are going on a road trip this holiday season, get your vehicle checked out in advance to ensure it is ready for the road.

If you will pass through areas where snow is likely, make sure you know how to drive properly in inclement weather. Some basic precautions involve increasing your following distance, making sure you have snow chains in your trunk if you may need them during your travels and driving without distractions. Even something that seems quick and harmless, like texting and driving, can lead to very serious accidents and injuries.

Extra caution for possible drunk drivers

One of the big hazards on the roads during the holidays is an increase in drunk drivers. Holiday parties abound, and people often get behind the wheel during this season after they have had too much to drink. Use extra caution on your road trip and throughout the holiday season to avoid drunk drivers. If you see a driver who seems impaired, keep a safe distance, and do not provoke them.

Staying safe on the roads during the holiday season is largely a matter of common sense. However, it does require a special effort to stay alert. Ensure you take all the necessary steps to protect yourself and your passengers during car travel during the holidays.


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