Dozens injured in apartment floor collapse

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Some Georgia residents may be aware of the apartment floor collapse that happened on Oct. 21 just after midnight in South Carolina. The accident occurred near Clemson University at a clubhouse that had been rented for a private party.

Ambulances were sent to the scene after someone made a call to authorities around 12:30 a.m. The floor had collapsed while people were out dancing on it. Although around 30 people had to be hospitalized, according to police, no one was trapped and there were no life-threatening injuries.

The property manager would not comment on whether or not there was supposed to be a limit to how many people could be in the building. One witness said there was a loud “boom” when the floor fell in. Another said people were trying to climb out and many were bleeding. A witness who tried to help others said he thought he saw some people with broken bones. Some partygoers posted video online of the accident.

When an accident like this happens and people are injured, the owner of the property or the property manager could be considered legally and financially responsible. Premises liability laws require that people responsible for a property make sure that it is safe for visitors. Whether a victim slips and falls on a wet floor, is injured because of faulty building standards or gets hurt in some other way, the negligent parties may have to pay compensation. This compensation could cover a victim’s medical bills and lost wages during the recovery period.


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