Summer is hydroplaning season in Georgia

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The soaring summer temperatures endured by Georgia residents each year frequently cause sudden and heavy thunderstorms that can quickly turn driving conditions extremely treacherous. Oil residue on roadways becomes slippery when it mixes with rain, which is why the first few minutes of a summer storm can be especially dangerous for drivers. Tires with plenty of tread are crucial in these situations as they are the best defense motorists have against hydroplaning.

Hydroplaning occurs when road surfaces are very wet, and pressure creates a layer of water underneath tires. This layer of water prevents vehicles from coming into direct contact with road surfaces. The resulting total loss of traction often causes cars to go into dangerous skids and is one of the leading causes of summer accidents. Sitting behind the wheel of a hydroplaning car be a terrifying experience, but there are steps that drivers can take to either avoid or survive it.

The best way to avoid hydroplaning is for a person to slow down as soon as heavy rain begins to fall, remain vigilant at all times and drive cautiously until the danger has passed. When their cars begin to hydroplane, drivers should focus on avoiding panicking as overcorrection is a leading cause of hydroplane crashes. Road safety experts say drivers who do begin to hydroplane should steer into the skid, avoid using their brakes and remain calm until their vehicles regain traction.

Experienced personal injury attorneys may have the vehicles that were involved in car accidents inspected when hydroplaning may have played a role. Motorists are expected to take all reasonable precautions before venturing out onto the roads, and this includes ensuring that their tires are properly inflated and have sufficient tread. Failure to take these or similar steps could be used to establish recklessness in lawsuits filed on behalf of accident victims.


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