Double tractor-trailer crash blocks westbound I-20 for hours

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People on their way to the Six Flags Over Georgia theme park encountered a traffic jam after a crash involving two tractor-trailers and a car closed the westbound lanes of Interstate 20 in Cobb County on Aug. 15. The accident site included an overturned tanker near the exit for the park.

Authorities diverted all westbound traffic to the Fulton Industrial Boulevard exit, and eastbound traffic slowed as well as motorists viewed the accident. Snarled traffic persisted during the accident cleanup all around the Riverside Parkway area.

The crash took place shortly after 4 p.m. just as rush hour traffic was thickening. The tanker leaked fuel across all lanes of the westbound freeway. Emergency personnel spent hours cleaning it up. No fatalities resulted from the accident.

When commercial vehicle accidents cause injuries, problems could arise if a victim tries to recover damages. A person struggling to obtain information about a trucking company’s insurance coverage after being hurt in a wreck could consult an attorney. The resources of an attorney might uncover important accident evidence, like inadequate truck maintenance or a driver in violation of hours-of-service regulations. These issues could meet the legal standards of negligence and place liability on the trucking business for the victim’s medical bills and lost wages. An attorney could organize the evidence and meet with the responsible party’s insurance adjuster. This conversation could produce a settlement. Otherwise, an attorney could file a lawsuit and seek a jury award. This service could empower a victim who would otherwise be too overcome by injuries to manage an investigation and legal action.


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