Certain intersections identified as hot spots for accidents

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Certain intersections in Georgia and South Carolina are more conducive to traffic accidents than others. In the city of Greenville, for instance, one woman who works in the area reported seeing three accidents in the East North Street-Pelham Road area and two others a few blocks away. The Pelham Road corridor is one of several intersections in the vicinity on a list of “hot spots” for traffic accidents in Greenville that may be the source of potentially serious personal injuries.

The list of areas with a high potential for motor vehicle accidents includes intersections at Haywood Road and East North Street, Pleasantburg Drive and East North Street, and Dunbar Street and Green Avenue. Increased traffic flow near the downtown area has also raised concerns about the risk of accidents. This is also true around high-traffic volume highways near Interstates 385 and 85. The information for this growing hot spot list is coming from increasingly sophisticated data that’s helping city officials and police discover worrisome traffic patterns.

Areas near one busy interstate average one accident every 4.5 days. According to state Department of Transportation figures, the Greenville area has experienced significant traffic growth in recent years with one spot near East North Street seeing a sharp increase from just over 38,000 cars daily to 45,000 within a five-year period. Officials say that a road’s design is sometimes part of the problem as is the case at Woodruff Road and I-85 where drivers consistently attempt to turn left into several busy lanes.

Regardless of where a traffic accident might occur, a personal injury attorney may take steps to identify possible evidence of negligent behavior. Such efforts may include reviewing traffic cam or cellphone footage to see what actions other drivers took shortly before the accident. In some situations, traffic flow data may also be considered, especially if reasonable efforts weren’t made to minimize accident risks. Depending on the circumstances of the incident, injured parties may be entitled to reasonable compensation for lost wages and medical expenses.


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