Injured tenants sue apartment owners after deadly fire

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Apartment dwellers in Georgia and across the country may be concerned about the safety of their buildings. In one Texas case, residents of the Iconic Village Apartments were awakened in the middle of a fire on July 20. The building’s fire alarms did not go off during the blaze, which killed five people and injured many more residents. Four of the injured residents and a family member of one of the deceased victims have filed a lawsuit against the property management company and the apartment building’s owner.

The lawsuit states that the building’s fire alarms did not go off during the fire. In addition, the complaint includes inspection reports that note that there were no fire sprinklers or other suppression systems installed in the building. The victims are seeking compensation for their losses in addition to punitive damages due to the complex’s failure to maintain appropriate fire safety procedures. The plaintiffs’ lawyer said that the negligent property owners were well aware of the safety concerns yet failed to provide proper security or fire protection, leading to the deaths and injuries.

Two of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit were trapped in their apartment on the building’s second floor. They had to jump to the ground as the fire entered their apartment and suffered major injuries, including broken legs, broken ankles, back injuries and other damage. At least one plaintiff had to undergo surgery to treat his injuries.

When people are injured on a property due to the owner’s failure to take proper care to make it safe, the victims have a right to pursue legal action for their damages. A personal injury lawyer can help them file a premises liability lawsuit against a negligent property owner or manager and seek compensation for their medical bills, lost wages and other losses.


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