How to keep the roads safe during the school year

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The start of the school year often means more buses on the roads as well as children pedestrians. Drivers in Georgia who want to stay safe during this busy season will want to incorporate the following tips. Some are very general; for example, drivers are encouraged to stick to their routes rather than try unfamiliar ones. In heavy traffic, they should look around instead of focus on one object.

The taillights of the vehicle in front are a good indicator of what’s happening ahead, so drivers should pay attention to them. Drivers should also check their mirrors, check for vehicles coming out of driveways, alleyways or parking lot accesses and watch for pedestrians and bicyclists. The latter may even pull up into a blind spot.

Sharing the road safely with school buses is probably the most important step. It’s illegal to pass by a stopped school bus on an undivided highway. Furthermore, drivers are to stop when they see a bus with its red lights illuminated and stop arm extended. When the yellow lights are on, drivers are to slow down.

Experts also recommend keeping a 10-foot safety zone from buses. Lastly, drivers should never use their phones or engage in other behavior that takes their eyes from the road.

Inattentive driving is just one form of negligence, and when it leads to car accidents, victims who were not at fault will have the grounds for a claim. To ensure the maximum settlement possible, victims can retain an attorney who will negotiate with the auto insurance company. If a settlement cannot be achieved, victims can litigate.


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