Advice to keep drivers safe on the road

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There are several strategies that Georgia residents and others can use to avoid causing or otherwise being involved in a car accident. Perhaps the most effective way to stay safe while driving is to be focused 100 percent on the road. This means refraining from using a cellphone or looking back at passengers while a car is in motion. Drivers should also make sure that they are not traveling at an excessive rate of speed.

Maintaining a proper following distance can also make it less likely that an accident will occur. Ideally, a vehicle will remain two to four seconds behind the one in front of it. The odds of an accident may also go down by driving like everyone else is going to make a mistake. This helps a driver to create a plan of action in case another driver makes an unsafe lane change or fails to stop at a stop sign.

Cargo should be securely fastened in the car at all times. The same is true of any children in the car, who should be buckled in at all times. This helps prevent them from being a distraction while the car is moving. Finally, be sure to include time for bathroom breaks or meals when planning a trip.

An individual may experience serious injuries in a motor vehicle accident. A vehicle may also experience significant damage in a crash. The cost of medical bills or car repairs may be included in a settlement or jury award granted to an accident victim. An attorney may be able to establish that another person was negligent in causing the crash through cell phone records or victim statements. Police reports or witness testimony might also be used to show that a driver was negligent.


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