3 reasons SUV accidents are uniquely dangerous

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There is no good way to get into a car accident. No matter what happens, there are potential injuries and damages that will result, as well as the aftermath of recuperating physically and resuming your life. Some accidents are certainly more dangerous than others, though, and it surprises many people to learn that SUVs can be uniquely dangerous when it comes to getting in collisions. 

There are many reasons for this. Just as an 18-wheeler is likely more dangerous to collide with than a sedan, an SUV’s size and dynamics make it potentially more dangerous, too. The following are three contributing factors that every driver on the road should be aware of. 

1. Weight of vehicle

The first factor that makes an SUV a potential risk is the fact that it simply weighs more than other, smaller cars. Larger SUVs might even weigh as much as 6,000 pounds, whereas smaller cars might weigh half as much. A heavier vehicle will have more velocity than a lighter one, and as a result, might be more difficult to stop and slow down. This makes for an increased risk of collision and injury.

2. Risk of rollover

According to Consumer Reports, SUVs are actually safer than sedans in some kinds of crashes, but the risk of rollover that comes with an SUV may negate the benefit. Indeed, SUVs are more prone to rolling in the event of a collision. This is because of the higher center of gravity that these vehicles have, which makes them uniquely top-heavy.

3. Lacking safety features

Fortunately, there are certain safety features that have made rollovers less of a risk than they were previously. Electronic stability control is mandatorily included in all SUVs with a model year of 2012 or later. This means, though, that there are still countless SUVs on the road that do not have this feature and are still at risk of rolling in the event of an accident.


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