Injuries and unsafe buildings

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Georgia residents can incur an injury due to an unsafe building at any time. This occurs more often than they may like to think, and it is important that they know what actions to take afterwards. If someone sustains an injury on another person’s property, premises liability law may be applicable. The owner of the building in question, whether it is an individual, a private business or public entity, may be liable.

There are multiple reasons why a building or home can be unsafe. They may include broken stairs, insufficient lighting, inadequate security, slippery flooring, falling objects from above and other dangerous conditions. When an injury does occur, the responsible party has to be identified. In situations in which premises liability applies, two important factors should be considered. They include whether the entrants are classified as trespassers, invitees or licensees and the building owner’s duty of care.

Individuals and entities who own or occupy buildings or land are obligated to ensure the safety of the property and that anyone who enters is not subject to any unreasonable risks. Individuals who come onto the property also have a responsibility to use the property in a manner that is reasonable and prudent.

A personal injury attorney may advise clients whether the circumstances surrounding the injuries may be cause for legal action. Individuals may be legally entitled to financial compensation for injuries caused by unsafe buildings, hazardous conditions, inadequate security or any other reason resulting from the negligent behavior of another person or entity.


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