Dealing with aggressive drivers and road rage

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Aggressive drivers are a fixture on the roads of Georgia and throughout the U.S. Therefore, the question isn’t how to avoid them but how to deal with road rage scenarios.

Drivers must first of all remain calm and avoid making eye contact or producing inflammatory gestures. A quick honk of the horn may be fine, but honking repeatedly will only aggravate the other driver even more. If drivers feel they can relax with soothing music, they should try to do so. Aggression can lead to constricted blood flow, high blood pressure and other unpleasant conditions.

If possible, give the other motorist the benefit of the doubt. For example, someone who “steals” a parking spot may have simply failed to see the other driver. When aggressive drivers bully others into moving over, more positive action is required. Drivers should not speed up or slow down in this case as they may block a passing lane. Instead, drivers should signal over and allow the more aggressive motorist to pass. Respecting a car’s “personal space” is always good, especially in traffic jams.

When aggressive drivers cause car accidents, they may wind up paying out for more than just compensatory damages. A victim could retain a lawyer to make sure they get the maximum settlement. First, the lawyer will assess the claim and determine if the victim contributed to the accident through negligence. The attorney could then negotiate for a settlement out of court or litigate if the insurance company refuses to pay out. The settlement could include punitive damages since aggressive driving is punishable.


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