Accidents caused by human error are becoming more common

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Government data reveals that more than 6 million road traffic accidents take place around the country each year, and the overwhelming majority of them are caused by motorists who made some sort of error. Many modern automobiles feature sophisticated safety systems that are designed to anticipate and correct driver mistakes, but they have not been enough to prevent road fatalities from increasing in both 2015 and 2016 in Georgia and other states.

Few things are as dangerous to road users as a driver who has fallen asleep behind the wheel. Studies have found that more than one in five fatal car accidents involve fatigue, and road safety experts expect the numbers to remain grim in the years ahead due to the increasingly busy lives that Americans live and cars that isolate them from road feedback. Another problem with modern cars is that they are usually far more capable than the people driving them.

Many of the crashes caused by human error are put down to overconfidence, and about 11 percent of all traffic accidents involve drivers who lost control because they entered a turn at too high a speed, failed to account for treacherous road conditions or attempted overly aggressive maneuvers. Once again, road safety experts are not optimistic. They expect the gap between driver skills and vehicle capabilities to grow wider until fully autonomous vehicles, which have the potential to eliminate human error on the roads completely, become available.

Establishing liability in car accident lawsuits is sometimes challenging as more than one driver may be at fault. Experienced personal injury attorneys may anticipate comparative negligence arguments when police reports are inconclusive, and they could conduct additional inquiries to gather the evidence required to refute them.


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