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August 2018 Archives

South Carolina woman killed in wrong-way car accident

A 23-year-old South Carolina woman was killed on the evening of August 21 in Greenville County when the vehicle she was traveling in was struck by a truck that had crossed the centerline. Media reports indicate that the 38-year-old Greenville man behind the wheel of the truck was taken into custody at the scene by South Carolina State Patrol troopers. He has been charged with driving without a valid driver's license and driving too fast for the prevailing road conditions.

What the law says about premises liability

In Georgia and other states, a person could be classified as an invitee, a licensee or a trespasser while on someone else's property. The type of designation a person receives plays a role in a property owner's duty to protect that individual from harm. An invitee is someone who is on a given premises for business purposes. For instance, a shopper at a retail store would likely be considered an invitee.

Types of damages in Georgia accident case

When considering legal recourse after an accident, the question of damages tends to loom large in people's minds. A brief outline of how personal injury damages work in Georgia can give you a basic picture of what to expect. Specific figures can vary greatly depending on the circumstances of the accident, the type of injury and the plaintiff's individual situation.

How to keep the roads safe during the school year

The start of the school year often means more buses on the roads as well as children pedestrians. Drivers in Georgia who want to stay safe during this busy season will want to incorporate the following tips. Some are very general; for example, drivers are encouraged to stick to their routes rather than try unfamiliar ones. In heavy traffic, they should look around instead of focus on one object.

Premises liability law for property owners

Property owners in Georgia may wonder where the liability lies if a worker is injured on their property. To answer this question, they should, first, be familiar with how various entrants are classified under premises liability law. There are trespassers, for example, who have no right to be on a property but who, nevertheless, cannot be willfully injured by the property owner.

Researchers find flaws with car safety systems

New cars in Georgia often come equipped with driver assist features. The technology is not without flaws, however. Recent testing by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety revealed risks, and the agency has advised drivers to be on alert so that they can take control of their vehicles in the event that a dangerous incident occurs.

Advice to keep drivers safe on the road

There are several strategies that Georgia residents and others can use to avoid causing or otherwise being involved in a car accident. Perhaps the most effective way to stay safe while driving is to be focused 100 percent on the road. This means refraining from using a cellphone or looking back at passengers while a car is in motion. Drivers should also make sure that they are not traveling at an excessive rate of speed.

Car accident head injuries may be more severe than they seem

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries in Georgia and around the country according to the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control, but they are not always treated in a timely manner because diagnosing serious head trauma can be difficult for even experienced neurologists and emergency room doctors. While the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury are often apparent within a matter of seconds, they can sometimes lurk undetected for several days.

Keeping the swimming pool safe with three steps

Georgia residents who have a swimming pool in their home probably know how hazardous it can be, especially for children and guests. More than 3,500 non-boating drowning accidents are reported every year in the U.S., according to the CDC, and many of these undoubtedly occur in pools. Slip and falls and chemical exposure also take place frequently around pools.

3D printing technology could help treat spinal cord injuries

Researchers hope that a new device based on 3D printing technology could someday help car accidents victims in Georgia recover from spinal cord injuries, or SCIs. Engineers and medical researchers have created a silicone 3D-printed guide that supports specialized cells. The guide is designed to bridge the gap between living nerve cells above and below the injury site. It's hoped that this special platform may be able to restore certain neurological and muscle functions when it's surgically implanted.

Injured tenants sue apartment owners after deadly fire

Apartment dwellers in Georgia and across the country may be concerned about the safety of their buildings. In one Texas case, residents of the Iconic Village Apartments were awakened in the middle of a fire on July 20. The building's fire alarms did not go off during the blaze, which killed five people and injured many more residents. Four of the injured residents and a family member of one of the deceased victims have filed a lawsuit against the property management company and the apartment building's owner.

Reducing the risks of distracted and drowsy driving

Motor vehicle accident fatalities have increased sharply for two consecutive years in Georgia and around the country after years of gradual decline, and road safety experts say that a surge in distracted and drowsy driving is one of the primary reasons. Studies reveal that about one in five deadly crashes involves a drowsy driver, and the figures suggest that many of them may have already been dangerously fatigued when they got behind the wheel. According to data from the Translational Research and Injury Prevention Laboratory, motorists who sleep five or fewer hours each night are five times more likely to crash than drivers who sleep for seven or more hours.

The various types of ankle injuries in a slip and fall

Many Georgia residents who slip, trip or fall on another's property can suffer from ankle injuries. They largely arise from an unnatural turning and twisting of the ankle as victims step hard on their foot to stop a fall. There are many types of injuries, so it can be helpful for those who are about to file a claim to know what they are; they range in severity with some being able to permanently limit one's mobility.

How placement of rest areas affects truck driver safety

Accidents involving big rigs in Georgia and the rest of the country may be more likely to happen if the truck drivers are far from a rest option. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Kentucky found that accidents were less likely to happen nearer truck stops, weigh stations with a place to rest or rest areas.

Study uncovers four profiles of distracted drivers

The Society for Risk Analysis conducted a situation-based analysis of drivers who are most likely to engage in distracted driving, especially calling and texting while driving. Researchers uncovered four profiles and came to several conclusions, some of which may be surprising to drivers in Georgia.

How getting a license influences teen driving behaviors

Teen drivers in Georgia and elsewhere are more likely to get into an accident in the first three months that they have their licenses. That is the finding of a study conducted by Virginia Tech and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). According to the study, teen drivers were more likely to brake too hard and accelerate too fast, which increases the odds of an accident.

August 2: the worst day for fatal car crashes in the U.S.

According to data released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the worst day for deadly car crashes is not Super Bowl Sunday, New Year's Eve or any of the obvious choices. It actually is August 2. Drivers in Georgia should know that the IIHS came to this conclusion after studying crash data spanning the years 2012 to 2016. Researchers found that during this five-year period, a total of 505 people died on August 2 alone.

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