Tips For Car Passengers To Tell Drivers To Put Their Phones Down

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Although most people consider the driver when it comes to an accident, not many consider the passengers. Not only can the passengers cause an accident, they can also help to prevent one.

Distracted driving was responsible for over 3,500 deaths in 2021 alone. This statistic includes both drivers and passengers. These deaths were easily preventable with a little thought. If you are a passenger, you can help to prevent it by speaking up. Here are some tips on how to avoid a distracted driving accident when you are a passenger.


Sometimes subtle is one of the best ways to go. If the diver is a distracted driver, you can always offer to help. Suggest things like texting or searching for them or offering to drive.


There are alternatives to catching a ride with a distracted driver. If you notice that a distraction, you could always try an alternative means of transport. Remember, distracted driving is dangerous.


This approach to a distracted driver is probably the best. Tell the driver that you are uncomfortable when they are not paying attention. They might not realize this is a problem. Whenever possible, you should use a very direct approach to avoid misunderstanding.

Don’t be a distraction

In some cases, you might be the distraction. Ensure you are not bothering the driver, rummaging around or making it difficult to focus on the road.

Distracted driving accounts for more than 300,000 serious injuries per year. As a passenger, you might receive severe injuries yourself. Speak up. It is better than suffering from an injury due to distracted driving.


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