Simple strategies for avoiding drowsy driving

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Falling asleep while driving is one of the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents. As the demands of society increase, so do the chances of getting behind the wheel while drowsy.

Strategies exist for reducing the possibility of drifting off while on the road. If every operator uses them, highways and byways everywhere should be less dangerous.

Tip #1: Get ample rest

The National Sleep Foundation says healthy adults need at least seven hours of sleep. Some must have as much as nine every night to be fully alert. Good nighttime habits help assure one wakes up refreshed. These include avoiding caffeine after sundown. Showering and taking an herbal supplement directly before bed are also good ideas. Regular exercise often has a positive impact.

Tip #2: Master the art of scheduling

Squeezing too much into a single day can lead to trouble. Start by being realistic about what is possible within a certain period. This should reduce the temptation of pulling an all-nighter when a deadline looms. Digital planners are handy tools for ridding oneself of high-pressure scenarios. Additionally, it may be helpful to take a step back and reprioritize.

Tip #3: Recognize medical issues

Sometimes, the threat stems from a sleep disorder. Insomnia and sleep apnea, for instance, lead to chronic tiredness. Telltale signs, such as difficulty focusing and persistent memory loss, suggest a problem. Seeking the advice of a sleep specialist remains wise in light of these symptoms.

Everyone bears the responsibility of being awake while driving. Happily, easy measures keep motorists alert and accident-free.


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