What is post-concussion syndrome?

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Head injuries take a heavy toll no matter what sort of injury a victim faces. However, some injuries end up continuing to cause issues for the victim well after the recovery process should have happened.

In these instances, a victim may end up plagued by something called post-concussion syndrome. What is this syndrome and how should sufferers approach it?

Defining PCS

The Concussion Legacy Foundation discusses post-concussion syndrome, or PCS. This involves the continuation of concussion symptoms after the normal course of recovery comes to its usual completion. A concussion’s symptoms should typically clear within a week or two. Victims who continue to suffer from complications after one to two months or longer may get a PCS diagnosis.

These symptoms may constantly occur, even when a victim is at rest. They may also only flare up during periods of physical or cognitive activity. This can cause the victim to withdraw from their professional and social lives, and suffer from additional health complications as their level of physical activity drops.

Symptoms of PCS

Some of the most common symptoms of PCS involve issues with memory, focus and attention. Many will sleep too much at first, which then shifts over time to difficulty sleeping. People experiencing PCS may also develop or suffer from a worsening of depression or anxiety. They often feel far more irritable than usual, too.

Anywhere between 5 to 30 percent of concussion sufferers will also suffer from PCS, making it a somewhat common complication. PCS sufferers are not alone as they go through the trials to reach a point of recovery.


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