Why is Georgia a hotbed of tire failure car accidents?

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Driving along Georgia’s highways and byways should not end in a crash, but it may. Tire blowouts are becoming a huge part of the problem. In fact, Georgia is one of the top states when it comes to tire failures and crashes.

When a car or truck’s tires fail, it may spell disaster for the driver and those around. Learn more about what causes a tire malfunction and what happens when it causes an accident.

What makes tire blowouts so common?

The weather in Georgia fluctuates from high temps in the summer to freezing in the winter. In fall and spring, the fluctuation in temperature may happen daily, sometimes changing by 30 degrees or more. The temperature affects tire pressure, with cooler weather seeing tire pressure decrease. When the pressure in a tire is too low, it may result in a blowout. Likewise, tread wear is a significant cause of tire failures. When the tread falls below a certain height, it may come loose and cause a vehicle to crash.

When can you bring a personal injury claim?

Tire failure may not appear as the cause of a crash at first. However, upon investigation, the insurance company may deem it the culprit. Accidents involving tire failure may cause serious damage and injury. A person on the receiving end of a crash such as this may find a personal injury claim useful in recovering financial compensation. On the other hand, some tires may fail when even when a driver is diligent about care. In this case, the driver and those struck may have a claim against the manufacturer for a product defect.

Residents of Georgia may want to make tire safety a priority. Doing so may avoid some of the worst kinds of accidents.


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