How can car accident victims pay medical bills?

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A car crash may take years to recover from financially. As your body heals, your bank account and credit report may continue to take damage.

Under Georgia law, the driver responsible for the crash is liable for the damage inflicted on your personal property and your body. However, the claims process may take time to result in financial compensation. So, what do you do with all those bills in the meantime?

Your car insurance policy

After a crash, both insurance companies will conduct a thorough investigation before determining fault. If you have medical payments coverage through your automobile insurance policy, you may use that amount to pay for medical bills. There is usually a limit, and chances are, the emergency care you received immediately following the crash will take most of that.

Your healthcare insurance

If you do not have MPC, the hospital will bill your health insurance. You will have to pay any applicable deductibles for all medical treatment upfront. As your car accident claim continues, you may have to keep paying these out-of-pocket costs until it resolves.

The at-fault driver

Once the insurance companies reach determine liability, you may receive compensation from the other driver’s insurer. Your medical files should go to the responsible driver’s insurer as should all payment records indicating how much you paid. You should receive reimbursement of these costs as should any appropriate policies such as your MPC or health insurance company.

Part of a car accident claim is ensuring that you receive just compensation. A successful action may warrant a repayment of any money you and your insurers paid on your behalf.


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