How can I prepare for the consequences of a potential bike crash?

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Purchasing a motorcycle allows you to answer the call of the open road. Unfortunately, riding a motorbike remains one of the most dangerous ways to travel. This stems, in part, from the fact that Georgia drivers do not always share the road well with others.

As motorcycle crashes and deaths continue to occur at alarming rates, you may wonder what you can do to protect yourself or provide peace of mind for your family — without giving up the bike. Business Insider provides a few tips.

Check in

Checking in for every move you make can feel overwhelming. However, when you ride alone, it is a good idea to let someone know. If something goes wrong and the driver flees the scene, the person may realize you have not yet checked in to say you reached home safely and send help.

Get insurance

Insurance for your bike may be mandatory, but there are several other options to consider, as well. Health insurance helps ensure you can pay for hospital stays and injuries. Just in case your injuries keep you out of work for some time, short-term and long-term disability insurance are not bad ideas. Finally, you may also consider accident insurance and life insurance.

Complete estate planning

Almost everyone needs an estate plan, especially when engaging in high-risk activities. Your estate plan may include medical directives, powers of attorney, trusts and your last will and testament. If completing all these documents are not currently within your budget, you may look into naming beneficiaries for all your accounts that allow you to do so.

Cars are becoming increasingly capable of recognizing other road users, even when drivers do not. This provides some hope that motorcycle fatalities may decrease with time. In the interim, you may want to consider preparing for potential mishaps, just in case.


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