How can I stay safe using rideshare services?

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It is not surprising that using rideshare services is incredibly popular. Being able to call up a ride at the touch of a button is so convenient. It is also the perfect alternative to drinking and driving. When you choose to use a rideshare service, though, you also need to make sure that you stay safe. 

The rideshare service should do a thorough job of ensuring your driver will provide you with a safe ride, but you also need to look out for your own safety. Smarter Travel explains there are some routine things you should do every time you use this type of service to help ensure you stay safe. 

Confirm your ride 

The app you use should provide you with information about your driver and his or her vehicle. You should never get into a vehicle that does not match what the app says. Always make sure that you verify the driver and the vehicle before you get into the vehicle. 

Ride in the back 

You should always ride in the backseat of the vehicle. This is the safest spot for you to ride in if there is an accident. Plus, many safety issues occur when passengers ride in the front seat close to the driver. 

Check ratings 

The app provides you with driver ratings that can give you insight into your driver’s habits. Make sure your driver is close to the highest rating, which is usually five. This indicates a safe driver who offers the most favorable experience. Be wary of any driver who dips below a four out of five. 

Wear your seatbelt 

Again, this is another safety tip that protects you if an auto accident occurs. Even if you are only traveling a short distance, always wear your seatbelt. Your seatbelt could be the only thing that keeps you secure within the cabin of the vehicle in a crash. 


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