How can distracted driving injuries reduce?

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Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accident injuries. Mostly, it affects teenage drivers who are likely to engage in another activity while driving. There is much to be done to reduce these incidences, and you will read about that in this article. 

Before that, there are three forms of distraction that are worth mentioning. First, you may fail to focus your eyes on the road. As a driver, you must keep your eyes in the direction you are driving. Second, is failing to have a good grip of the wheel, which may lead to serious injury should an accident occur. Lastly, is cognitive distraction where you take your mind off driving. 

Activities that may lead to accidents include texting while driving which is the most common among teenage drivers. Texting is much riskier because it combines all three forms of distractions. It takes your eyes, hands and minds out of driving; imagine how dangerous it can be. 

Also, on the same list, you can get distracted by picking a call, eating while driving or consulting a navigation system for new routes. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, these causes contributed to the over 390,000 injuries reported in 2015. 

In a move to reduce the cases of injuries caused by distracted driving, many states are currently creating awareness on the need to avoid texting while driving. Also, some states have banned cell phone use in cars. If these bans get implemented, the statistic reports of people injured in distracted driving will reduce making the roads much safer. 


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