Could your recent car accident have impacted you psychologically?

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Say that you experienced a recent auto accident. While you went to a Georgia medical center for medical attention, did you get all the treatment you needed to make a full recovery?

WebMD explores how car accidents can have a psychological impact and trigger several mental and emotional complications. Learn more about the long-lasting impact of car accidents.

Extensive psychological difficulties

It is not unusual for those involved in nonfatal car accidents to deal with various psychological issues that persist for as long as a year after the accident. For instance, reports of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and phobias are common.

Impacting drivers and passengers alike

Maybe you were not behind the wheel when the accident occurred. It is not unusual for passengers to experience anxiety more commonly than drivers after an accident. There is also evidence that psychological difficulties can develop months after the incident.

How mental and emotional issues manifest

After your accident, you may feel uneasy about getting behind the wheel or setting foot inside a car again, especially if the car is the same one in which you had the accident. Passing by the accident site can induce anxiety, and the same applies to driving in road conditions similar to those involved in the accident.

The importance of getting help

Just like you would not hesitate in getting medical help to treat physical injuries, you should not hesitate in seeing a therapist to treat psychological injuries. Seeing a mental health specialist is especially important if you have difficulty sleeping, experience depression or experience struggles with your personal relationships and work.

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