Drivers and motorcyclists need to coexist on the road

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcyclists on roads in Georgia and throughout the country have the same rights that drivers of passenger vehicles do. Therefore, drivers and motorcyclists should be ready to share the road peacefully at all times. Ideally, anyone who is riding or driving will put away their cellphone and focus exclusively on the road. Mobile devices should be put away, and other potential distractions should be handled prior to driving or riding.

Individuals who are riding or driving should never do so while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Generally speaking, riding a motorcycle is considered to be more dangerous than driving a car while impaired. Both drivers and riders should use their turn signal or otherwise signal their intent to make a turn or lane change as early as possible. Furthermore, it is important that all motorists slow down near intersections to avoid a potential accident.

Drivers should leave adequate space between other vehicles and motorcycles while on a road or highway. Drivers and riders should each be aware of their surroundings and check their blind spots before making a turn or signaling a lane change. Anyone who is on a motorcycle should wear a helmet, a jacket and other protective gear. Wearing bright colors can be a way to help others see a motorcyclist and provide space for the rider.

Individuals who are injured in auto accidents may experience multiple injuries to their head, neck or other body parts. If a driver or motorcyclist was distracted, impaired or otherwise acting in a negligent manner when the crash occurred, he or she may be liable for damages. A victim may seek compensation for medical bills and lost future earnings related to a crash. Other damages may also be awarded in a personal injury case.


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