Four-car crash injures two, including deputy

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At around 6:20 p.m. on April 22, an accident took place in Georgia’s Richmond County that involved four vehicles and sent two people, one of them a sheriff’s deputy, to the hospital. The intersection of Jones and 15th Street had to be closed down for several hours as a result.

According to the driver of one of the four vehicles involved, the crash was caused by a speeding police cruiser as it ran a red light at 15th Street. According to the same witness, the police cruiser did not have its lights on. The vehicle first collided with a Chrysler PT Cruiser in the left lane on Jones Street and then struck an SUV in the right lane and finally collided with a pickup truck.

The witness, who was the driver of the pickup, explained that the PT Cruiser was overturned by the impact. He reportedly applied the brakes just as he was crossing the intersection and clipped the back end of the police vehicle. All three of the vehicles were heading straight.

Besides the deputy, the driver of the PT Cruiser was taken to the local hospital. Their condition has not been revealed. Georgia State Patrol is investigating the accident.

If any of the victims in this car accident wanted to file a personal injury claim, they would likely need to show that the deputy was at fault. Running a red light, especially without police lights, could be considered a negligent act when attempting to recover damages. Victims may want an attorney to assist with their claim. The other side will likely have its own legal team fighting to deny payment or to get victims to settle for a low amount in damages. The attorney may handle negotiations and litigation.


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