2 dead in fatal car crash blamed on sleeping driver

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A 16-year-old driver told state patrol troopers that he fell asleep before crossing the center line on Georgia Highway 14 in LaGrange and causing a head-on collision. A state patrol corporal reported that two people died in the accident, and another remains hospitalized in Columbus with serious injuries. The names of the deceased could not be immediately released to the public.

The teen driver had been southbound on the highway near Teaver Road just before the accident. Five people occupied his car, and law enforcement determined that the three people in the backseat had not been wearing restraints at the time of the crash. One person died immediately at the scene, and the other victim perished later after being flown to a hospital in Atlanta.

When speaking to the media, the corporal took the opportunity to remind people of the risks of drowsy driving. He recommended that people pull over and take a nap when they feel unable to stay awake behind the wheel.

The mistakes or recklessness of drivers sometimes leave other people burdened with disabilities and ongoing medical expenses. An injured person might recover damages with a personal injury claim on insurance or the negligent driver’s personal assets. The services of an attorney might be appropriate in this situation, especially if a person feels unable to navigate insurance bureaucracies. An attorney experienced in car accident lawsuits could manage an investigation that documents who was at fault in the crash. After organizing evidence, an attorney could open negotiations with an insurer for a settlement. When necessary, an attorney could pursue compensation for the victim in court.

Source: The LaGrange Daily News, “Two dead, one injured after wreck near Teaver Road“, Gabrielle Jansen, Feb. 4, 2019


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