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December 2018 Archives

One dead, one injured in George crash

Several law enforcement agencies throughout Georgia county responded to a car accident on Highway 27 that left one person dead and one person injured. The accident occurred at approximately 7:30 p.m. on the southbound shoulder of the highway on December 26. The accident caused traffic to be stopped for two hours while officers investigated and cleared the roadway of debris.

Soft tissue injuries more difficult to prove after car accidents

Car accidents frequently inflict soft tissue injuries. When vehicles collide on Georgia roads, the forces of impact usually jolt or bash the occupants. These sudden movements or impacts could stretch, strain or tear tissue like muscles, tendons or ligaments. These injuries might not be immediately obvious like most broken bones. Hours or even days might pass before a car crash victim realizes that an injury has occurred. The delayed onset of symptoms and the inability of X-rays to identify most soft tissue sprains or strains could complicate the association of the injury with the accident.

Georgia couple killed in truck accident

The Georgia State Patrol have reported that a 30-year-old man behind the wheel of a semi-tractor trailer may face criminal charges for his involvement in a fatal accident on the afternoon of Dec. 16. The incident is still being investigated by members of the GSP's Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team, but initial reports indicate that the tractor-trailer ignored a stop sign just seconds before the deadly truck crash.

Effort to pass Stop Underrides Act stalls on Capitol Hill

Underride crashes, where cars collide into the back of trucks and slide underneath them, are all too frequent occurrences in Georgia. The Truck Safety Coalition states that in 2011, rear impacts made up 19 percent of the nation's fatal two-vehicle collisions between large trucks and passenger vehicles. A total of 260 people were killed in underride crashes that year according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

WHO ranks traffic crashes eighth among worldwide causes of death

Georgia residents may be surprised to hear that traffic accidents are the eighth leading cause of death in the world. This is according to a new study from the World Health Organization. Traffic crashes are, in fact, the leading cause of death among those between 5 and 29 years old.

Woman sues Clemson University over fall in parking lot

Georgia football fans may be interested to learn that a woman is suing Clemson University and the City of Clemson for negligence after she slipped and fell in a handicap parking lot before a Tigers football game. The incident occurred on Sept. 23, 2017.

Breakthrough made in external air bag technology

German components manufacturer ZF recently announced that it has developed an external air bag that could reduce car accident injuries in Georgia and elsewhere by as much as 40 percent. The announcement could compel automakers to implement the technology on new car and truck models in the near future.

Avoiding escalator accidents

The National Elevator Industry, Inc., offers several safety tips that Georgia residents may want to take into account. Elevators are among the safest forms of transportation, but accidents are not unknown. First, passengers should watch the direction that the escalator is going and step carefully, grasping the handrail with one free hand. They should have an arm around their young children or take the child's free hand.

Driver involved in fatal Georgia accident likely to be charged

The Georgia State Patrol say that charges are likely to be filed against the driver of a Lincoln Aviator involved in a fatal accident in Laurens County on the evening of Nov. 25. Initial reports indicate that the SUV ignored a stop sign at the intersection of Holliday Road and Scotland Road just seconds before a 15-year-old girl was thrown from the vehicle and killed.

Slip and falls: what small business owners should know

Small business owners in Georgia may find themselves facing a premises liability claim if a customer or other entrant slips and falls on their property. The following is an outline of what slip and fall accidents might mean for small business owners and what they can do to avoid claims.

Tips for Avoiding Winter Weather Accidents

While winter weather is a staple of northern states, Georgia is no stranger to icy roads or blizzard conditions either. And while winter usually brings carols and eggnog, it can also bring dangerous weather conditions. It's impossible to completely remove the risk of driving in winter weather, but there are a few steps drivers can take to be better prepared for the storm.

Driver likely to be charged in fatal Georgia crash

A Cherokee County car accident that killed one person injured two others on Nov. 27 will likely lead to charges against the teen driver who allegedly caused the collision. While investigators have not yet decided what exactly caused the crash, officials believe speed was a factor.

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