Coalition aims to cut down on trucking accident fatalities

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A coalition managed by the National Safety Council is working to cut down on the number of traffic deaths in Georgia and across the country. Called the Road to Zero Coalition, the group has the lofty goal of eliminating traffic fatalities by the year 2050. In April 2018, the coalition released a report that points out that 100 Americans are killed every day in car accidents. In 2016, there were 37,461 fatalities caused by motor vehicle crashes. This number reflects a 5.6 percent increase over the number of deaths in 2015.

One major concern for driving safety advocates is the danger and prevalence of trucking accidents. Because of the size and mass of large trucks, these accidents can cause devastating injuries and fatalities. In 2016, 4,317 people lost their lives due to truck crashes, a 5.4 percent increase over 2015 figures. Roughly 80 percent of the trucks in fatal accidents were large vehicles that weighed 26,000 pounds or more. Most of the coalition’s advocacy could apply equally to cars and trucks; for example, they seek to encourage greater prevalence of integrated vehicle safety technologies and seat belt usage.

In addition, the coalition noted the need to improve the safety situation on highways. Passenger vehicle drivers and truck drivers often have a tense relationship that can lead to more aggressive or defensive driving. In addition, cutting down on dangers like distracted and drowsy driving can play a major role in cutting down on motor vehicle accidents.

Trucking accidents can lead to severe injuries and lifelong consequences. People who have been injured due to motor vehicle accidents through no fault of their own can consult with personal injury lawyers. An attorney can help a victim pursue compensation for the damages they have suffered.


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