What to know about soft tissue injuries

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Georgia drivers know that all sorts of injuries can arise from a car accident. However, some of the most frequent ailments are soft tissue injuries. Soft tissue refers to the muscles, tendons and ligaments that can be strained, sprained, torn or bruised from the impact of a collision. Unlike injuries to hard tissue like bones and cartilage, soft tissue injuries are difficult to detect on X-rays and thus challenging to diagnose.

Soft tissue damage typically results in chronic aches and pain, swelling and bleeding. Bleeding, which could be a result of blunt force trauma, is often indicative of hematoma. Depending on where the affected area is, victims may also feel a loss of function in some of their limbs. It’s essential not to delay treatment even though some symptoms have a way of appearing days after an accident.

One of the most common soft tissue conditions is whiplash, which usually arises from rear-end collisions. Victims can experience shooting pains as well as a burning, tingling sensation in the neck. In severe cases, they may develop a slipped disc or joint dysfunction. Victims may also report relatively subjective conditions like depression and nervousness after experiencing whiplash.

When a car accident clearly occurs because one of the drivers was negligent, the victim can file a claim against that driver’s auto insurance company asking for monetary damages. These damages could cover vehicle repair costs, medical bills, lost wages and emotional trauma. However, success may depend on having a lawyer. Legal counsel could handle everything from the gathering of proof to the negotiations.


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