Collision avoidance systems reduce accident injury rates

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Georgia drivers would of course like to see the prevalence of car accidents decrease. A report has shown that collision avoidance systems have led to a reduction in injuries as well as in car accidents in general. This could mean that as these systems become more widespread, there could be more positive results.

The study that was conducted by researchers from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reviewed lane departure warning systems and blind spot warning systems. The researchers analyzed approximately 5,000 car accidents that took place in 2015 and that involved a collision resulting from changing lanes or cars not seen in a driver’s blind spot. They found that, in the cases where drivers had collision avoidance technology in their vehicles, the injury rate was 21 percent lower. Sideswipes, head-on collisions and accidents involving just one vehicle were 11 percent lower for the group with collision avoidance technology as well.

The IIHS estimated that over 55,000 injuries could have been avoided in 2015 if all automobiles were equipped with collision avoidance technology since it gives motorists time to react before it is too late. Two similar studies found that lane departure warning systems cut the rate of auto accidents about in half. Despite the fact that these systems show promise for lowering injury rates, only 6 percent of model year 2017 vehicles include lane departure warning systems and only 9 percent include blind spot warning systems.

The vast majority of car accidents are caused by human error. People who have been injured in a crash caused by the negligence of another driver might want to have legal assistance when trying to obtain a settlement from that motorist’s insurance company.


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