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Drowsy Driving Accident Lawyer in Roswell

Drowsy Driving In Roswell: Common Questions

Another dangerous form of distracted driving around greater Roswell is drowsy driving. It is just as dangerous, and unfortunately just as common. Some of the most common questions about driving while fatigued include:

How common is drowsy driving in Roswell?

The National Sleep Foundation reported that nearly 40 percent of drivers have fallen asleep behind the wheel, and even more have driven when they did not feel fully awake and alert behind the wheel when driving in Roswell.

What should I look out for if someone is driving drowsy in Roswell?

To avoid a serious accident because of drowsy driving, you should:

  • Be aware of the time: Drowsy driving is most common in the early morning hours and the late afternoon.
  • Watch for drifting drivers: Drowsy drivers often hit the shoulder or drift from their lane.
  • Always drive defensively: If you are aware of your surroundings, you can react faster to obstacles and drowsy drivers.

How dangerous is drowsy driving in Roswell?

Many studies and experts have compared drowsy driving directly with driving drunk. Both pose serious dangers to Roswell drivers because drunk and drowsy drivers both have:

  • Trouble focusing on the road or traffic signs
  • Possible blurry vision
  • Slow reaction times
  • Difficulty staying in their lane

Drowsy drivers’ ability to operate their vehicle is inhibited, simply because they did not get proper sleep.

If I was involved in an accident in Roswell with a drowsy driver, how will it affect my personal injury claim?

Drowsy driving and drunk driving may have many similarities. However, drowsy driving is not illegal. Even so, a drowsy driver is the one at fault if they caused your accident that resulted in a serious injury in Roswell.

You will still have to prove the portion of the drowsy driver’s fault, but you also still have a right to recover compensation after an accident. There is no question that drowsy driving is negligent, and you should not have to suffer from another’s reckless behavior in the Roswell area. With a personal injury attorney on your side, you can ensure you will obtain your fair compensation after a reckless motor vehicle accident.

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