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Common Questions Regarding Truck Accidents

Commercial semi trucks travel long distances on roads across Georgia and the United States. Shipping companies and truck drivers must adhere to various state and federal regulations. These can make trucking accidents complex and leave injured individuals with many questions. Glenda Mitchell Law Firm is here to help. During your free consultation, we can address your concerns and find a solution.

What are the most common reasons for truck driver negligence?

Truck drivers usually go through extensive training. Since they operate some of the largest vehicles on the road, they seem to have a greater responsibility to drive safely. However, truck drivers can be negligent as well. Some of the common causes of trucking accidents caused by truck drivers include:

  • Fatigued driving from lack of sleep and long hours
  • Unreasonable schedules and delivery times that rush drivers
  • Improper driver training or disregard of regulations
  • Defective manufacturing or truck maintenance

What if I am partly at fault for the accident? Can I still recover compensation?

It is possible that a negligent truck driver could be entirely responsible for the serious accident that resulted in life-changing injuries. However, other motorists in smaller vehicles are often partly at fault as well. They might:

  • Pass or merge around a truck unsafely
  • Drive in a blind spot or “No-Zone”
  • Not drive defensively

If you were partly at fault for a truck accident, there is a chance you can still recover compensation. Georgia personal injury law uses a modified comparative negligence standard. This means that courts calculate each party’s responsibility for the accident. Your negligence might limit your compensation, but you generally can still obtain the support you need to recover from your injuries.

How are truck accidents different from other traffic accidents?

Trucking accidents are different from most other motor vehicle accidents because of the number of parties involved, including:

  • The truck driver
  • The owner of the trailer or truck
  • The shipping company employing the driver
  • The insurance companies of these parties
  • Each party’s lawyers

On top of that, many of these parties often show up at the scene of the accident. Insurance adjusters or company attorneys will try to avoid paying a large settlement for your injuries so they will try to negotiate with you right after the accident. It is essential to contact an experienced personal injury attorney who knows how to deal with trucking accidents and can protect your rights.

What if the truck’s cargo caused the accident? Can I still hold the driver responsible?

A semi truck’s cargo can also be a serious risk in trucking accidents. They carry anything from gasoline to timber or industrial equipment. If this cargo is overloaded on the trailer or improperly secured, the cargo could either be the cause of the accident or make the accident even worse.

There is no question that you still have a right to recover compensation after an accident caused by a truck’s cargo. However, the driver may not necessarily be the one responsible for your injuries. The shipping company or owner of the trailer could be responsible for overpacking. With so many details involved in trucking accidents, it is important to have a knowledgeable and aggressive attorney on your side.

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