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Speed limiters may help combat rise in truck crash deaths

Road Safe America, the Atlanta-based highway safety non-profit, has found that all but six states experienced a rise in large truck crash deaths between 2009 and 2017. Georgia saw the fourth greatest number of truck crash deaths; the top three were Texas, California and Florida. Washington, Idaho and Colorado saw the highest percentage increase in that eight-year period.

CMV fatalities go up in 2017, seat belt neglect partly to blame

Fatal crashes involving commercial and passenger vehicles continue to rise. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has just examined crash data for 2017, the latest year for which complete data is available, and found that there was a total of 5,005 commercial motor vehicle crash fatalities. This is up from 3,193 in 2009. Another interesting fact is that Georgia saw a 19.7 percent rise in fatal CMV crashes.

Effort to pass Stop Underrides Act stalls on Capitol Hill

Underride crashes, where cars collide into the back of trucks and slide underneath them, are all too frequent occurrences in Georgia. The Truck Safety Coalition states that in 2011, rear impacts made up 19 percent of the nation's fatal two-vehicle collisions between large trucks and passenger vehicles. A total of 260 people were killed in underride crashes that year according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Tractor trailer course aims to reduce accidents

Potential truck drivers in Georgia and across the southern states may benefit from a new course offered by Tennessee Community College that teaches commercial truck driving safety. The course instructor has driven semi trucks and trailers for over a decade and has logged countless hours in the profession. His goal is helping future truck drivers learn the responsibility of driving safely when operating a semi-truck.

Fatigue warnings aim to reduce trucking accidents

Truck driver fatigue can present a real danger to people on the roads in Georgia. When truck drivers are too exhausted to drive safely, it could lead to catastrophic accidents. Due to the size, mass and weight of commercial trucks, other vehicles are at a distinct disadvantage in case of a crash. Indeed, truck accidents can be deadly to occupants of smaller cars. Therefore, reducing the threat posed by fatigue is an important issue for improving trucking safety.

How one truckload carrier is preventing back-up crashes

Truckers in Georgia know that backing up a tractor trailer is the leading cause of truck accidents. RBX Inc., a truckload carrier that has been operating in the Midwest since 1983, has seen more than a few of its student drivers get in accidents when backing up their 53-foot trailers. However, it has found a way to reduce the number of backing accidents.

NTSB accuses NHTSA of ignoring safety technology for big trucks

The National Transportation Safety Board has been urging the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to create regulations that require semi-trucks to adopt collision avoidance technology since the 1990s. Although trucking carriers in South Carolina can voluntarily deploy safety technologies like collision warnings and automatic emergency brakes, the NHTSA has not introduced any regulations that require crash avoidance technology for big rigs.

How truckers and fleet owners can maintain brake safety

The fleet tracking and management systems company Teletrac Navman has some tips to give to truckers and fleet owners when it comes to maintaining brake safety. Truckers in Georgia may remember how the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducted its Brake Safety Week, and though they may not have been stopped for an inspection, they will still want to follow these tips so that they don't endanger themselves and others on the road.

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