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trucking accidents Archives

How one truckload carrier is preventing back-up crashes

Truckers in Georgia know that backing up a tractor trailer is the leading cause of truck accidents. RBX Inc., a truckload carrier that has been operating in the Midwest since 1983, has seen more than a few of its student drivers get in accidents when backing up their 53-foot trailers. However, it has found a way to reduce the number of backing accidents.

NTSB accuses NHTSA of ignoring safety technology for big trucks

The National Transportation Safety Board has been urging the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to create regulations that require semi-trucks to adopt collision avoidance technology since the 1990s. Although trucking carriers in South Carolina can voluntarily deploy safety technologies like collision warnings and automatic emergency brakes, the NHTSA has not introduced any regulations that require crash avoidance technology for big rigs.

How truckers and fleet owners can maintain brake safety

The fleet tracking and management systems company Teletrac Navman has some tips to give to truckers and fleet owners when it comes to maintaining brake safety. Truckers in Georgia may remember how the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducted its Brake Safety Week, and though they may not have been stopped for an inspection, they will still want to follow these tips so that they don't endanger themselves and others on the road.

2018 International Roadcheck: the results

Truckers in Georgia may remember how the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance held its annual inspection spree, the International Roadcheck, in June. The three-day event took place across North America and resulted in 67,502 inspections. Commercial truck and bus drivers were stopped at random for vehicle- and driver-related safety compliance. 45,400 of the inspections were Level I inspections: the most comprehensive possible.

How placement of rest areas affects truck driver safety

Accidents involving big rigs in Georgia and the rest of the country may be more likely to happen if the truck drivers are far from a rest option. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Kentucky found that accidents were less likely to happen nearer truck stops, weigh stations with a place to rest or rest areas.

Federal agency to introduce new trucking safety assessment

Trucking safety is important to everyone else on the roads in Georgia, especially as crashes involving tractor-trailers can be devastating to other drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians. In a crash involving a large semi-truck, passenger car occupants are far more likely to suffer severe injuries or even fatalities due to the disparity in weight and size. Because truck accidents can be so severe, it is critical that accurate data is kept by federal agencies charged with assessing the safety protocols of different trucking companies.

Why truck accidents happen

Accidents involving trucks are more likely to cause fatalities compared to crashes involving passenger vehicles. This is because trucks are larger and heavier than passenger vehicles. Therefore, truck drivers in Georgia need to be careful to stay alert and focused on road conditions while operating their vehicles. In addition to driver fatigue and distraction, weather conditions and mechanical issues are common causes of truck crashes.

Factors involved in trucking accidents

Georgia drivers often have to share the road with large trucks, and this can be intimidating to some, particularly when they consider the number of accidents involving big rigs. One way to promote safety is to identify the factors that contribute to trucking accidents so that they can be worked on and fixed.

The most dangerous states for CMVs and work trucks

Verizon Connect, the fleet management systems provider, has analyzed the behavior of commercial motor vehicle drivers and other work truck drivers from more than 6,200 of its fleet customers. These small and midsize businesses carried anywhere from two to 200 fleet vehicles, including CMVs, pick-ups and light vans. Georgia residents will find out from this study which states are safe and which are dangerous for trucking.

Injuries that arise after a truck accident

In Georgia, as in other states, commercial trucks are all too frequently colliding with passenger vehicles. These accidents often result in death, and in 97 percent of such fatal crashes, it is the occupant of the passenger vehicle who dies. When accidents are non-fatal, they can still leave victims with catastrophic injuries and even psychological issues.

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