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How skateboarding signs can prevent liability claims

Georgia residents should know that skateboarding laws vary by city. Some local laws will group skateboarders with bicyclists, roller bladers and other pedestrians while others will specifically prohibit them from, say, skateboarding down a sidewalk or bike lane. Laws also determine the minimum age for skateboarding as well as the times and manner that skateboarders can engage in this activity.

How to prevent fall injuries on business properties

Falls cause thousands of injuries in Georgia each year. According to insurance claims data, some of the most common types of accidents include falls on the same level, falls from a different level and falls from snow and ice, stairs, ladders, scaffolding and liquids or grease.

What the law says about premises liability

In Georgia and other states, a person could be classified as an invitee, a licensee or a trespasser while on someone else's property. The type of designation a person receives plays a role in a property owner's duty to protect that individual from harm. An invitee is someone who is on a given premises for business purposes. For instance, a shopper at a retail store would likely be considered an invitee.

Premises liability law for property owners

Property owners in Georgia may wonder where the liability lies if a worker is injured on their property. To answer this question, they should, first, be familiar with how various entrants are classified under premises liability law. There are trespassers, for example, who have no right to be on a property but who, nevertheless, cannot be willfully injured by the property owner.

Keeping the swimming pool safe with three steps

Georgia residents who have a swimming pool in their home probably know how hazardous it can be, especially for children and guests. More than 3,500 non-boating drowning accidents are reported every year in the U.S., according to the CDC, and many of these undoubtedly occur in pools. Slip and falls and chemical exposure also take place frequently around pools.

Injured tenants sue apartment owners after deadly fire

Apartment dwellers in Georgia and across the country may be concerned about the safety of their buildings. In one Texas case, residents of the Iconic Village Apartments were awakened in the middle of a fire on July 20. The building's fire alarms did not go off during the blaze, which killed five people and injured many more residents. Four of the injured residents and a family member of one of the deceased victims have filed a lawsuit against the property management company and the apartment building's owner.

The various types of ankle injuries in a slip and fall

Many Georgia residents who slip, trip or fall on another's property can suffer from ankle injuries. They largely arise from an unnatural turning and twisting of the ankle as victims step hard on their foot to stop a fall. There are many types of injuries, so it can be helpful for those who are about to file a claim to know what they are; they range in severity with some being able to permanently limit one's mobility.

Law imposes a duty of care on businesses to maintain safety

Small business owners in Georgia could potentially pay for legal costs, lost income and medical bills attributed to a slip and fall or other accident on their properties. Known as premises liability, the law requires businesses to maintain a safe environment to limit dangers to customers, visitors and employees. To meet legal responsibilities or the duty of care, owners or managers need to regularly inspect their properties for hazards, post warning signs and perform timely repairs.

Event security planning varies based on event size

People in Georgia who are preparing to hold events sometimes wonder how many security guards they should hire for the safety of their guests. Put simply; the event should have enough guards to deal with situations that may arise. The more people expected at the event, the more security guards should be hired.

The best way to handle a fall at the grocery store

Even in a well-lit grocery store, it is still possible for a person to sustain injuries in a slip-and-fall accident. In most cases, Georgia law protects those who have gotten hurt because of the negligence of another party. In fact, it may be possible to file a lawsuit for an accident that occurs in the parking lot or elsewhere outside of the store.

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