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Fatigued drivers and defects contribute to truck accidents

When a truck accident occurs in Georgia, victims often face life-threatening or life-altering injuries. According to a new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, serious vehicle defects and long hours behind the wheel increase the risk of a trucker causing a crash.

Avoid Accidents And Keep Halloween Fun

Trick-or-treating is an exciting time for kids, but it's also a dangerous time. It's natural for kids to be excited about going door to door in their costumes, and sometimes this means that they run when they should walk, or cross the street without looking. If drivers don't take extra precautions or just aren't paying attention, they set the stage for an unfortunate accident.

Driving an older car could increase risk of dying in a crash

As many Georgia motorists are aware, newer model cars come with many safety technologies and could be expected to perform better than older vehicles. But just how much better, with regards to safety, may come as a surprise. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that someone who drives a car that is 18 years old or older has a 71 percent higher chance of dying in a serious crash than one behind the wheel of a car that is three years old or newer.

Smaller cars carry higher injury and fatality risks

Georgians who are thinking about buying new cars may want to take the vehicle sizes into consideration. While smaller cars may get better gas mileage, they also place vehicle occupants at much greater risk of suffering serious injuries when they are involved in accidents.

Slow driving may be as dangerous as speeding

The risks of driving too fast are obvious, and speeding does lead to car accidents in Georgia and all over the country. However, driving too slowly can also be dangerous. In fact, a number of states have laws that penalize drivers for doing it. Slow driving can increase accident risk by causing confusion, disorganization or catching other drivers off-guard.

Distracted driving is a major concern

Distracted driving is a major issue for motorists in Georgia and around the country. In 2015, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 391,000 people received injuries in vehicle accidents caused by such inattentive motorists. and 3,477 people died in such accidents.

Collision avoidance systems reduce accident injury rates

Georgia drivers would of course like to see the prevalence of car accidents decrease. A report has shown that collision avoidance systems have led to a reduction in injuries as well as in car accidents in general. This could mean that as these systems become more widespread, there could be more positive results.


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