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Essential steps to take after a car crash

Many driver education programs in Georgia do not teach drivers what to do in the event that they are involved in a car crash, and this can have unfortunate consequences. For one thing, drivers may say and do things that will either incriminate them or reduce their chances of presenting a strong personal injury claim.

Injuries that are often associated with whiplash

Whiplash is an injury that generally occurs after a person has been involved in an auto accident. South Carolina residents may have heard it called by other names such as cervical sprain or cervical strain. When a car accident takes place, a person's head may move violently or in an unnatural manner. A person could also experience whiplash after a fall or as the result of being struck in the head.

Drivers and motorcyclists need to coexist on the road

Motorcyclists on roads in Georgia and throughout the country have the same rights that drivers of passenger vehicles do. Therefore, drivers and motorcyclists should be ready to share the road peacefully at all times. Ideally, anyone who is riding or driving will put away their cellphone and focus exclusively on the road. Mobile devices should be put away, and other potential distractions should be handled prior to driving or riding.

Three-car crash injures deputy, two others

Georgia residents should know that a three-car crash in Anderson, South Carolina, near the intersection of West Point Drive and State Highway 81 South left several people injured. Just before 11 a.m. on April 24, 2019, a deputy with South Carolina Highway Patrol made a left turn onto State 81 when a Mustang traveling north collided with the police car.

Interstate 85 crash leaves 1 dead, 1 injured

Around 6:30 am on April 28, a 2016 Chevrolet Impala traveling south on Interstate 85 in Georgia near Atlanta struck the rear of a Ford passenger car that was stopped on the east shoulder and partially jutting into the driving lane. The impact sent the front of the Ford into the concrete median, about 53 feet away, after which it continued to travel for another 82 feet.

Obtaining compensation for traumatic brain injuries

If you have recently suffered from an accident in Georgia that caused a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, your path forward may seem very difficult. These types of injuries can make everyday life more difficult both physically and mentally. Recovery can be time consuming and expensive, and every person's situation is different. Fortunately, you may be able to hold the party responsible for your accident accountable with help from an attorney.

Drivers distracted by social media, group texts

While many South Carolina motorists know how dangerous it is to text while driving, they continue to engage in the practice. Despite widespread public campaigns and law enforcement efforts to clamp down on distracted driving, people continue to surf, email, and text while behind the wheel. Studies have shown on multiple occasions that people recognize why the behavior is dangerous but tend to judge other drivers much more harshly than they do their own conduct. These findings came up once more in an online study of 2,000 drivers analyzed by one car insurance company.

Seat belts promoted to improve roadway safety

First responders in South Carolina are aiming to improve seat belt usage throughout the state. In 2018 alone, 349 people lost their lives in car accidents when they were not wearing their seat belts, including a number of teens. One woman who was herself injured in a car accident in 2009 as a high school student while not wearing her seat belt is speaking across the state in order to promote seat belt safety. The woman was thrown 50 feet from her vehicle in the crash, breaking vertebrae in her back. She was paralyzed from the neck down as a result of the accident.

Accident occurs while officer is on pursuit

Multiple people were taken to the hospital after a head-on accident that took place in Georgia on April 4. A state trooper was attempting to pull a driver over for going 75 mph in a 45 mph zone. However, the driver reportedly did not stop for the officer, which led to a pursuit and the collision with a third vehicle that took place on Talmadge Road.

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